Vision Institute of Technology Aligarh always thrives to cater to the all-round development of their students. The main focus of the College has always been on improving the Soft Skills amongst the students. With this intention in mind an internal college level activity ,Extempore was held under CCLD Cell on Dated-20/04/2022 . The objective of the competition was to make the students confident and better orators so that they can fearlessly express their views on any topic.
Extempore is an excellent way to assist the students not only in spontaneous thinking but also in
asserting their creative ideas with precision.

The judges for the competition were Dr. Naveen Kumar Singh and Ms. Pragati Singh.

  • Student Coordinators – Bhoomika Varshney CS 2nd Year ,Atul Sharma CS 2nd Year
  • Faculty Coordinator -Jagrati Sharma ,Asst.Professor Chemistry

The participants delivered their speeches with great confidence and left no stone unturned to give in their best on the topics they got. They were asked to present their views in the time slot of 2 minutes. The judges found it very taxing to select the best three students from all the 16 passionate participants. They were judged on the criteria of content, fluency, voice modulation and body language. The students showed great fervor and poise in their respective presentation.
The competition concluded successfully with great words of encouragement and appreciation from Higher authorities & both the judges.

FIRST POSITION- Rashi Bhardwaj AI&ML 2nd Year
SECOND POSITION- Trapti CS 1st Year & Kartik Sagar CS 1st Year
THIRD POSITION- Atul Sharma AI&ML 2nd Year

Google form link for Registrationhttps://forms.gle/sWHhaqhB2q78pXG56

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