Check few of the unique advantages offered by Vision Group of Institutions including academics, student development programs, placement & results, and facilities.

At VIT we take care of complete holistic development of the student. Academics gets maximum priority including High Standard Classroom Lectures with IT Enabled teaching resources, Virtual Classrooms, & availability of Resources online. At VIT we also believe each individual is different and students require mentoring to allow them to grow as per their strengths. Students are encouraged to be curious and to experiment, which is evident from high standards of Projects & Publications.

The Matrix

We at Vision Group have broken up the entire learning process in four parts. Here the term ‘Learn’ is used in a broader way so as to encompass all skills, knowledge and habits which are developed knowingly or even as a collateral.

Learning is a broad process which involves academic knowledge, development of skills, assisting complete character growth and leadership skills. Co-curricular activities, club activities, students functions and events are essential for developing networks and relationship. Organizations give emphasis to team players. Guest Lectures and Workshops are arranged frequently which cover not only the core branch technologies, but also touch all spheres of professions and life. The efforts are to remain abreast with the latest in the field of education, so that the academic program remains contemporary and rigorous at all times.

Initiating broader learning in form of Research & InnovationEmerging TechnologiesIndustry Integration Activities- Guest lectures, surveys, visits
Establishing network & relationshipEntrepreneurship & Start-up & Cell
Multi-dimensional growth through Club Activities
Developing your Character & PersonalityDeveloping yourself in CCLDAcquiring knowledge through Resource Materials
Acquiring Skills required for a Professional LifeProject, Technical Papers & SeminarsImproving Skills through Certification Courses