Big History

Universe; The Beginning!

Since ages people have been wondering on what is universe, how big, and since when? Questions like does it have a beginning, and will there be an end; how was it formed and what was there before all this beginning’?
Tremendous work in science has allowed us more answers in last few years than centuries before. Still many questions are unanswered, and many not even understood properly.

In our “Weekend Lecture Series” we will begin to search for answer of few of the questions. Each Lecture will take up 3 Big Questions, and we will search most plausible answers for these questions.
It will be short series of lectures of around 30 minutes each. 

Lecture 1-The Beginning

  • How big is our Universe – not only in Space, but also in the fourth dimension of Time?
  • And it all began with a Bang! What is Big Bang and how do we know it happened?
  • How can we decided on What to Believe?

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