Students of VIT get an excellent opportunity to pursue Certification Courses while pursuing the regular programs. In today’s competitive era, with emerging technologies transforming both the corporate as well as the job sector frequently, Certification Courses are a vital tool to allow students to stay technologically relevant.

In-house Certification Courses

These Certification Courses are tailor-made as per the industry requirements and have few cutting edge market technologies. The Courses consist of Theory, Labs, Online Study Materials & Guest Lectures/Workshops.

Check Courses we are running in Even Semester 2019-20

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?Brief History of Cloud ComputingTypes of Cloud Computing Deployment ModelsTypes of Cloud ServicesTop benefits of cloud computingUses of Cloud Computing College Presentation What is Cloud Computing? Simply put, cloud computing is the …
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Evolution of Money

Construction of The PyramidsProblems in the Barter SystemMostly Harmless- Novel by Douglas Adams– Mostly Harmless is a 1992 novel by Douglas Adams and the fifth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy …
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Big History

Universe; The Beginning! Since ages people have been wondering on what is universe, how big, and since when? Questions like does it have a beginning, and will there be an end; how was it …
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Upcoming Online Courses in Agriculture Engineering

S. No.Course NameProf. NameDuration Start DateEnd DateExam DateEnrollment Ends1Dairy and food processing and product technologyBy Prof. Tridip Kumar Goswami, IIT Kharagpur12 WeekMon, July 20, 2020Fri, Oct 17, 2020Sat, Oct 17, 2020Mon, July 27, 20202Farm …
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Abstract This course is designed for fresh Civil Engineers to enhance their skills in civil engineering drawing and to increase their confidence level, which may enable them to face any …
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MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include: Math and computationAlgorithm …
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Robotics & A.I.

Course information: In the last decade, the influence of robotic technologies on society and industry has been continuously increasing. It is expected that robotics will be a key component of the new industrial paradigms of Industry 4.0 …
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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Seats will be confirmed on first-come-first-serve basis Total Seat: 60 Background As per the Economic Times, the demand for Data professionals grew by 417%, while the supply has seen just a 19% increase. This demand-supply gap …
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MOOC & Courses through third party resources

A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. These courses often emphasized open-access features, such as open licensing of content, structure, and learning goals, to promote the reuse and remixing of resources. It is important to understand that completing a useful MOOC course is feasible with community assistance in form of identifying useful courses, organizing sessions and sorting out doubts, promoting knowledge sharing among the students, organizing guest lectures & workshops to address student issues, and promoting courses as part of internal assessment. In fact, it is only through collaborative and combined efforts that students are able to successfully clear a number of certification programs.

Check the Posts given below for List of Students clearing Certification Programs in All branches

Students Clearing Certification Programs -CS Branch

Congratulations students on your excellent success and good luck for more progress….! Mohd.AtifCS-4th YrCourse-PYTHON Pradhumn KumarCS-4th YrCourse-PYTHON Anuj RajvanshCS-4th YrCourse-CYBER SECURITY Anuj RajvanshCS-4th YrCourse-PYTHON Mohd.AtifCS-4th YrCourse-CYBER SECURITY Anu GuptaCS-2nd YrCourse-PDP Shakshi VarshneyCS-3rd …
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Students Clearing Certification Programs -Agriculture Branch

MOOC/Online course progress Details Sr No.Students Name BranchYearCourse SiteCourse NameDuration 1Ritika JohariAgricultural Engineering4th YearCourseraSustainable agriculture land managemnet8 Week2Neha JadonAgricultural Engineering4th YearCourseraSustainable agriculture land managemnet8 Week3Banshika GuptaAgricultural Engineering4th YearCoursera1-Sustainable …
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Students Clearing Certification Programs -Civil Branch

S.NONAME OF STUDENTYearCoursePlateform1Vishal SAINI3rdSite Reliability EngineeringCoursera2BADAL KUMAR3rdBIM fundamentalCoursera3JYOTI SINGH3rdSite Reliability EngineeringCoursera4TAHIR3rdMastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applicationsCoursera5Manish kumar diwakar3rdbim applications for engineeringCoursera6LALIT KUMAR3rdSite Reliability …
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