I have had the privilege of working in the Indian Navy, PSU, and renowned multinational corporations across the world. Through my diverse experiences, I have come to believe that our education system lacks practical education that provides theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure, which is necessary for creating real achievers. With this aim, I established the Vision Group of Institutions.

Philosophers have often referred to life as a journey. Before founding the Vision Institutes, I embarked on a journey across several prestigious institutions in India, starting with the oldest IIM, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and visiting other reputable institutes. I carefully observed their teaching methods, facilities, and most importantly, the assimilation of culture at these institutes. All of these experiences came in handy while establishing our colleges.

We must remember that education remains a vital differentiator at social and economic levels around the world. The quality of education has a significant impact on later life and earnings outcomes. Education is a key contributor to relative social mobility, which is the social and economic status of an individual relative to their parents. As educators, we must always be aware of the great responsibility on our shoulders. This further emphasizes the significance of a dedicated and systematic approach to the entire learning-teaching experience, which we have included in our Vision and Mission Statements and will continue to do so in the future.

Education cannot be simply taken up as a business. It is a beautiful fusion of a commitment for whole-hearted service to the society, along with a capacity to learn and ensure the learning objectives are passed on to the students. Education is certainly a continuous and never ending learning experience; for both the teachers and the students.

In the context of job disruption, the demand for new skills, and increased socioeconomic polarization, graduation and post-graduation college systems have a critical role to play in preparing the global citizens and workforces of the future. Education models must adapt to equip students with the skills to create a more inclusive, cohesive, and productive world. New technologies can play a pivotal role in enabling global citizenship education, and we need to understand and implement them at the earliest.

Welcome to the Vision  family !

R K Pandey
Vision Group of Institutions