Cyber Security

A very fruitful and informative workshop taken by Mr.Rahul Mishra on cybersecurity.

Mr.Rahul Mishra is currently the cybersecurity adviser of UP Police. Mr. Rahul has done his B.Tech in IT and has solved various cybercrime cases of UP Police including the case of former CM of UP in which 35 lac rupees were demanded from DIG Meerut using the number of CM. Besides this, he has been a speaker in various workshops on cybersecurity organized by IIT Kanpur, IIIT Allahabad, MNNIT Allahabad, CBI Academy, CII, IIA, CSI, SBI and various other leading institutions across the country.

The prime object of this session is to eradicate cybercrime and making people aware of the threats and flaws of the e-World. This workshop will cover all the latest Cyber Crimes going on in the digital world like ATM Card frauds, ATM Card cloning, Call spoofing, Mail spoofing, and various other latest Cyber Crimes.

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