Emerging Technologies- (Teacher Training Program)

Emerging Technologies & their Role in our lives

Emerging Technologies & their Role in our lives

Gain valuable information & Insights about Emerging Technologies, and how they are impacting our world. Lively discussions with interactive Question Answer Sessions to resolve all your queries.

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.

These lines are suitable in the rapidly changing world of 2020.  Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented change in the technologies, which has been further accelerated in Post Corona World.

The Emerging Technologies like AI, IoT, & Data Science are becoming a part of everyday toolset, impacting the business and the world as never before. Today it is more important than ever to try to understand them.

Keeping in view with the above, Vision Group of Institutions is organizing a workshop for people related to School Education to give a firsthand knowledge of these Technologies, and their relevance in our life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare for the Future!

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Webinar will include the below sessions

  • Emerging Technologies- There presence in everyday life with few examples, Meaning, why now? Why today?
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies in various sectors- Manufacturing, Agriculture, Education, HR, Marketing, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Science
  • Change- part of Human Life.
  • Role of teachers in accepting & propagating the change.
  • Question Answer Session

The Webinar will be of approx. 1 hour and will conducted on Zoom app.  Participant Certificate will be awarded, along with prizes for participation in Question-Answer Session.

Contact Details:

  • Harikesh Sharma: 8392877677
  • Anurag Pandey: 8449600077
  • Karan Pratap Singh: 8449600041
  • Ankita Varshney: 8392877377

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