Project Work- Agriculture Branch

Agriculture Branch Students have always been extremely innovative and have come with challenging Final Year Projects. Session 2019-20 has also witnessed come projects which qualify as prototypes in emerging technology in Agriculture and few as working models.

Few Projects by Agriculture Department Students

Power Operated Paddy Thresher

Major Project of AG Final Year “Group 2” The Paddy Thresher is a tool designed for threshing crops. It can be operated by five horsepower …
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Vermicompost pit

B-Tech (Agricultural Engineering ) 3rd Year Students Making a ‘Vermicompost Pit’ Vermicomposting is a method of preparing enriched compost with the use of earthworms. It is one of …
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B-Tech (Agricultural Engineering) Final Year Students making a ‘Organic Manure Pit’ It is very useful in Agricultural point of view and students learnt a lot …
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Mini Biogas Plant

Congratulations to B.Tech (Agriculture) Second year students of VIT on designing a ‘Mini Biogas Plant’ from waste material. It was most innovative and students learnt …
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