Our Campus

The Aligarh Campus of Vision Institute of Technology was founded in 2009. Over the last 12 years, the institute has earned a formidable reputation for itself in the field of engineering education. Our campus provides an environment where students from various disciplines of engineering can develop a progressive learning attitude in a vibrant atmosphere.

More Than A Campus

At VIT, we strive to foster a culture of empowerment that makes space for creativity, innovation, and unconventional ideas. We believe that education at VIT is inseparably linked to research and innovation at the highest level. All academic members of VIT play an active role in educating students and try to involve them in their research-based projects.

The environment here is characterized by sustainability, not only in education and research, but in all aspects of college life. We believe that our campus is a place where students can grow and develop holistically, where they can learn to become well-rounded individuals and successful professionals.

Glimpses of VIT Campus

Advantages @VIT

Studying at Vision Institute of Technology allows you numerous advantages over other colleges. Check few!