Industry Visits & Surveys

As we face the perpetual challenge of keeping each class session fresh and interactive, having Industrial Visits, and productive Summer Internships translates into the backbone for imparting knowledge and assisting the proper grooming of students. We at Vision Group of Institutions are extremely cautious to ensure all student undergo proper summer training, and also arrange frequent Industrial Visits to allow the student to assess the real like implication of what she is learning.

Industrial Visit at BSNL Aligarh

An industrial visit to BSNL was scheduled for students of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department on 30th April 2022. Sub Divisional Engineer Mr. Vikas …
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Sia Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

A student industrial visit and on-site learning expedition was organized by Vision Institute of Technology, Aligarh on 16th October 2021 at Sia Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. …
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Industrial visit(Electrical & Electronics)

With industry visits, students are able to better identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational function. Industry visits help enhance interpersonal skills and communication techniques.
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Agriculture Survey

Agriculture survey is usually conducted to measure the performance of the agricultural terminology like- LandSoil Crops Fertilizer IrrigationMachines Agriculture Schemes NAME OF VILLAGE SURVEY- DATE NO. OF …
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Industrial visit(SIA Group)

Practical knowledge is essential with theoretical knowledge that is why Industrial visits conducted for Mechanical Engineering students at SIA Group, a company of Casting, Aligarh.
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