PCB Designing

COURSE CONTENT- Students will be able to analyze and construct basic analog and digital circuits. Everything from filters and amplifiers to clocked and combinationals digital circuits. As well as completely design printed circuit boards, assemble and get them up and running.Students will be able to leverage this knowledge to build and produce electronic products completely themselves.  Students will learn how to use basic electronics lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, and more.Students will learn hands on techniques such as circuit construction with solderless breadboards, wire wrapping, and soldering.

1 Fundamentals of Electronics
2 Diodes, Characteristics
3 Transistors-BJT and FET
4 Operational Amplifier
5 PCB Design Introduction
6 PCB Concepts and Materials
7 Preparing a Schematic
8 Laying Out the Board
9 Manufacturing
10 Assembling the Board

Faculty Incharge: ABHISHEK & DIPIN

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