Power Operated Paddy Thresher

Major Project of AG Final Year “Group 2”

The Paddy Thresher is a tool designed for threshing crops. It can be operated by five horsepower Electronic Motor.  The operation of detaching the grains from the ear head, cob or pod is called threshing. It is basically the removal of grains from the plant by striking, treading or rupturing. Threshing is normally done after the grain moisture content is reduced to 15 to 17%. Power paddy thresher is a machine, which thresh the paddy crop and performs several other functions such as:

  • Feed the harvest crop to the threshing cylinder,
  • Thresh the grain out of the ear head,
  • Separate the grain from the straw,
  • Clean the grain, and
  • Make ‘straw’ suitable of animal feeding.

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  1. easly make and low cost……

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