Course information:

In the last decade, the influence of robotic technologies on society and industry has been continuously increasing. It is expected that robotics will be a key component of the new industrial paradigms of Industry 4.0 and AI. As of today robotics has pervaded all spheres of industrial automation and society in the form of industrial robot arms, social robotics, medical robotics, space exploration, defense, education, entertainment, underwater exploration etc. Keeping this is sight several institutes in India and overseas have started robotics courses and programs. The idea of this workshop is to make aware the teachers and students of these advancements in robotics. The workshop will comprise of the essential theory of robotics with hands on experiments by the experts from academic institutions and industries to improve the understanding of this highly technical field. This will intern improve the quality of teaching in technical institutes which will motivate the students to take up the challenges in this interdisciplinary field.

Need of the course:

 Teaching and learning in the emerging technology fields of Robotics is important for educators in engineering institutes to get acquainted with the basics, advanced topics and practical applications.

Course pedagogy:

Lectures from the experts in the area of Robotics and associated topics would be followed by laboratory experimentations to enhance the skills of the participants. This will ensure integration of the basic theory with robotics applications. The following topics would be included:

Lesson-1 Introduction to Robots and Robotics 

Lesson-2 Robot Kinematics   

Lesson-3 Robot Dynamics 

Lesson-4 Robot Sensors 

Lesson-5 Robot Vision

 Lesson-6 Robot Motion Planning 

Lesson-7 Future of Robotics

Lesson-8  Summary

Faculty Incharge: Ms.Komal

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