Azure Certification Program (ACP)

The Azure Certification Program (ACP) at Vision Institute of Technology (VIT) offers hands-on training in the latest Azure technologies for engineering students. The program is designed to help students become proficient in cloud computing and earn their Azure certification. Day 1 begins with an introduction to cloud computing and an overview of Microsoft Azure, followed by a hands-on lab session. On Day 2, students will learn about successful cloud implementations and receive an introduction to Azure Storage. Day 3 focuses on Azure Data Services and includes a hands-on lab session. By the end of the program, students will have a deep understanding of Azure technologies and will be well-prepared for diving further in cloud!.

Containers- the future of App deployment

Containers have gained significant popularity in recent years, and many experts believe that they are a key technology for the future of application development and deployment. Experts predict that containers will continue to be an important technology for building and deploying applications, particularly in cloud and DevOps environments.