Dear All,
We are extremely cautious of any copyright issues. However in these extreme times, our aim is to provide maximum material to students to continue their education. We have asked our staff to assist in uploading resources.
In case of any infringement of copyright kindly inform at for further action.

Few Resources for Ebooks/Materials
Online Courses
VIT Resource Materials
GATE & Competitive Exams Resource Link
Links for Newspapers/Magazines/Periodicals
Few Resources for Storybooks
Suggested Books/Articles/Websites

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  1. Excellent platform for learning & grow your knowledge to use these links. Many types of books present in the resources material. Thank you so much sir to make a wonderful plateform for us. Definitely I’ll suggest some important links related to growth our knowledge.

  2. Learning is a continuous process .. Survival requires enhancement of skills … The best platforms for learning is provided by organisation…

  3. Edx and nptel are the another platform to get mooc’s certification

  4. “Education is becoming very important for career building in this era. It not only opens the door of opportunities for people to accelerate their growth in professional life but also in personal life”….. Choose right resource for getting right knowledge is also very prominent.. All the resources for improving our knowledge and skills, available in site are really profitable ….

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